Book Endorsements

“Flip the Pyramid zooms in on the core tasks for any organization that wants to endure: To identify the core values that guide decision-making, and to develop the discipline and teamwork necessary to live out those values hour by hour, day to day, and year by year. The principles behind this book set a high standard. The advice and examples in it tell you how to reach that standard.”

— Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN

“If you want to know how to build a successful business, read this book. Slamowitz takes you through the journey of building his own company and what he has learned along the way. He shows what is possible when a company actually lives its core values. Among the most important lessons is the importance of empowering your people through autonomy and meaningful decision making. Consistent with Slamowitz’s leadership philosophy, he actually had several employees from Ambrose contribute to the book. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this and it was just great! I liked so many parts of this book but what I think makes it so important is that it was written by a real entrepreneur who built a highly successful company – not by some professor or by the retired CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Slamowitz is the real deal and so is this book.”


“This is a practical how-to book on getting the best from your team written by someone who has been there and done it.”


“It’s a gutsy write-up, full of passion, truth and feet-on-the-ground practical teachings. This is not pseudo-Guru ephemeral talk. It’s real, practical and a must read for those who are willing to learn that businesses today need the right core values and the engaged human capital that can translate into success. And so much more. (The chapter summaries alone are worth the book.)”

–Alberto Romero, Director of Fisheries & Sustainability at Lumar Natural Seafood

“Greg Slamowitz has applied the best of business research and thinking to the actual workings and culture of Ambrose.  He’s a thoughtful practitioner who “walks the talk” of employee engagement and culture impacting the bottom line.  Greg shares his mistakes and successes in such a way that we can all benefit from his experience and make the business world a better place in which to work.    This book will save you a lot of heartache – read it before establishing any company or undertaking a major change in your business.”

–Lynn Buschman, Director of Operations at Lingraphica

“Employing these simple principals unleash the human spirit, positively transform the workplace, and grow a strong healthy company.”

–Alan Habib, CEO of System Management Associates

“Having worked closely with Greg in building WellnessRebates, I’ve seen his passion and sincere belief in the principles espoused in this book — as well as the results. I’m proud to consider myself an empowered and engaged member of the Tribe, that is excited to get to work every day on our shared vision.”

–Victor Adefuye, President of WellnessRebates

“This is a great book for entrepreneurs and anybody else that manages people.  It opened my eyes to what employees want and how managers can deliver it in today’s ultracompetitive business world.  Greg Slamowitz and his partner grew a business from a New York Times article into a multimillion dollar enterprise during some of the most challenging times in recent memory including the dotcom bust, September 11th, the Great Recession and Hurricane Sandy.  This book shows how they did it and the formula by which others can replicate their success.  It’s a must read for anyone that manages people. Managing employees in 2013 is a tough job.  The old approaches of “top down” management just don’t work in the 21st century.  Ambrose is an expert in employee management and its co-founder, Greg Slamowitz, has put the lessons learned over the last decade and a half into this incredibly helpful book for anyone that manages a workforce.”

–Thomas A. Humphreys, Law Firm Partner, Adjunct Professor of Law New York University Graduate Tax Program, Author, LLCs and LLPs, Law Journal Press, Co-Author, The Federal Income Taxation of Partnerships, Commerce Clearing House Expert Tax Treatise Series, Private Investor

“FLIP The PYRAMID is a visionary guide filled with practical wisdom on how to harness change through leadership within an organization.   Greg embraces an empowering philosophy for life that is also a proven formula of success in business… a perfect blend of insight, compassion and experience.”

–Marci Cohen

“Flip the Pyramid is a refreshing perspective on what happens inside exceptional organizations. Simply and clearly, Greg outlines the core of his company’s work culture, including rituals (like Merry Monthlies and Cool Quarterlies), rites (the cultural orientation for all new hires) and shared traditions (such as out-loud cheering for associates who demonstrate core values.)  Greg makes it seem easy to build an organization like Ambrose, but, in reality, it takes a whole ‘tribe’ to make it so.  This book will go a long way to inspiring other companies to create their own, unique culture which not only attracts great talent, but also keeps them energized and allows them to accomplish great things.”

–Robin Kane, Vice President, Human Resources, American Blue Ribbon Holdings

“Flip the Pyramid is the definitive guidebook for any company, from start up to multinational, to help empower and inspire its employees to unleash the full potential that lies within any organization. This book distills that knowledge so well that within a couple of hours you’ll have a complete roadmap for your organization to achieve its full potential.”

–Danon Robinson, Founding Partner at Toro Trading

“Too many authors mask autobiographies as business tomes. Flip the Pyramid offers the Ambrose story as a platform to motivate us to identify and confront our own from the wrist or shoulder up behaviors to make them more meaningful to the people or organizations we are leading.  His candid perspectives offer a “warts and all”, step-by-step description of the evolution of a path from an abyss of constant audits towards a unified sense of value-based purpose.  Openly acknowledging all of the books, coaches and advice he received, each chapter offers well documented lessons learned with tempered thoughts on moving forward.  Buy this book for your A-players and watch your path to organizational excellence take shape.”

–Leslie Baker, Regional Marketing Manager, National Marketing Industry Lead Investment Industry at McGladrey

“Having had the pleasure of knowing Greg Slamowitz, from the time he was a kid in grade school, I’ve always admired his “drive”. I  knew, he’d accomplish his mission, for he was always goal orientated. No matter his casual attitude, he carried himself like a “Somebody”. He had that innate ability to discover the unknown, and make it work for him. I recall, a time, back in high school, when he really wanted to ski with friends, so he organized a ski trip replete with bus transportation.

I believe “Flip the Pyramid” should be a “Must-Read” for every young man and woman with a dream. It teaches you to be prepared. It walks you through the complicated dilemmas of your life, and helps you extrapolate the required necessities to make things happen. I learned to achieve success you must be enthusiastic and passionate about your ideas. I learned, that you are not ever too old to learn and achieve, and if something is not working-out well for you….then hang on to your dream, and find a better place. Really, only You can make it happen!”

Millicent K. Brody, writer, photographer, public relations consultant

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