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Email to My Cheating Student

Dear [Student],

Thank you for coming by today to discuss your Costco Case Analysis and your previously submitted case analyses. I am very disappointed in this situation, especially since you are a last semester senior and at the end of your academic career here at Montana State University (MSU).  The trust between you and me and the trust between you and your classmates in BGEN 499, Section 2 (Business Strategy) has been seriously breached. Integrity and ethics are a very important and serious component of business and of life in general. It is imperative that you leave MSU with a deep, sincere and genuine appreciation and understanding of business ethics. The practice of business is mostly a self-regulated game—there is no referee on the court constantly watching us. We must be disciplined players in the game of business, especially in ethics.  From my experience and in my opinion, it is the only way to play the game of business. There will be temptations along the road, they must be avoided, always. Within this context, I take your breach of the Jake Jabs PRIDE Code of Excellence and the MSU Code of Student Conduct seriously. Thus, there must be meaningful consequences.  After considerable thought and consternation, I have decided to give you a failing (F) grade for the course for the semester. I believe, but am not totally certain, that you can still withdraw from the class.  This may be your best course of action at this point, and I will sign any necessary withdrawal form (although I believe you will need a few other signatures as well). I believe you can retake the class over the summer, possibly online.

[Student], I am personally disappointed and distraught by this situation.  This is, by far, my most unpleasant experience as a professor here at MSU. I give my heart and soul to my students (as do most of my colleagues) and, in exchange, there are expectations, reasonable expectations.  I have not taken this situation lightly.

I hope this is a learning experience for you and that you stick with the ethical high road going forward, in business and in life.

All the best,


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