Speaking Engagements

Please contact me directly via Linkedin or at greg.slamowitz (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like for me to present to your group.  I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs build aligned, engaged and empower organizations.  

As part of my mission of giving back to the entrepreneur community, I generally waive speaking fees and/or traveling costs to non-profit business, meetups, entrepreneur and start-up groups and associations.

Here is a listing of some of the groups to which I have recently presented:

  • EO Deal Exchange  (Fall 2022)
  • TandemHR (Spring 2022)
  • Bridger Orthopedics (Winter 2022)
  • Silverbow Industries (Fall 2020)
  • Entrepreneurs Organization-Orange County Chapter (Winter 2020)
  • Leadership Montana (Big Sky)(Fall 2018)
  • IESE Business School, University of Navarra (NYC Campus)(Summer 2018)
  • New York University, Stern School of Business (Spring 2018)
  • Opening Keynote at InfoShare Tech Conference, Gdansk, Poland (Spring 2017)
  • Workshop at InfoShare Tech Conference, Gdansk, Poland (Spring 2017)
  • Prof. Jess Deckinger’s Nutrition and Entrepreneurship class at Tufts University (Spring 2017)
  • Prof. Mukesh Patel’s Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship (ICE) class at Rutgers Business School (Spring 2017)
  • Prof. Ashley Lesko’s Organizational Behavior class at Harvard University Extension School (Spring 2017)
  • Prof. Mukesh Patel’s Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship (ICE) class at Rutgers Business School (Spring 2016)
  • NYU Leslie Elab Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Women Presidents’ Organization (NYC)
  • Constant Contact (Waltham, MA)
  • Morris (NJ) Tech Meetup
  • Rev Ithaca Startup Works
  • Distributors Council (Newport, RI)
  • ACG National Capital (DC)
  • Big Apple Entrepreneurs (NYC)
  • Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies (Newark, NJ)
  • Connecticut Technology Council
  • Emory University School of Law (Atlanta)
  • FundingPost (NYC)
  • HFCFO (Healthcare)
  • iBreakfast (NYC)
  • LA CEOs (CA)
  • Metropole Global (CA)
  • Moblefest (DC)
  • Miami Finance Forum
  • NJ Institute of Technology Enterprise Development Center (NJIT EDC )
  • NJ Tech Meetup (Hoboken)
  • Nowstreet
  • Private Equity CFO Association
  • Private Equity Forums
  • Tech Cocktail DC Week
  • Acceleprise Accelerator (Washington DC)

And, the reviews…

Greg. You were the bomb. Great stories with meaningful insights. Thank you so much for coming and thx to Verne for recommending you.  EO DealExchange Denver 2022

Great presentation Greg! Inspiring!  EO DealExchange Denver 2022

And what a great talk you gave. Thank you. EO DealExchange Denver 2022


“I am a senior at Rutgers University studying Economics.  I wanted to reach out via email and thank you personally for the talk that you gave to my Entrepreneurship class a few weeks back at Rutgers University.  It was truly honest, inspiring, and motivating as an upcoming graduate entering the business world.
I really appreciate you taking the time out of your hectic schedule to shed some light on your experience and give some guidance to us undergraduate students.  As an economics major aspiring to go into the wealth management segment, your determination, strength and passion for what you do in life was truly inspiring.
I was fortunate enough to get a copy of your book in class, and your insights and experience are so intriguing and engaging, it’s a wonderful read.  Again thank you very much for taking the time to come speak, and I hope I can keep you as a contact for advice and insights in the future.
Molly Beisswanger”

“Great content, great presentation, compelling passion.”

“Greg far exceeded my expectations.  Brilliant and well articulated presentation.  Jam packed with quality information and inspired many thoughts and ideas for me.”

“Greg was very engaging, great to listen to, and days later, I continue to ponder things he said.”

“Mobilefest has been an excellent event all round, but the keynote by Greg Slamowitz was worth the price of admission alone”

“Great keynote by Greg Slamowitz at #mobilevest”

“Greg Slamowitz  is a game changing leader and entrepreneur.  Thank You”

“I really enjoyed Greg’s presentation this morning at L.A. CEOs.  Having attended these events for the last three years, Greg’s presentation was one of the best ever!”

“Awesome speech tonight by Greg Slamowitz.  A lot of great advice for startups!”

“Greg Slamowitz  enthusiastically shared his experience on the importance of building a business that is client oriented and with leaders and employees who are “engaged, aligned, empowered and on fire.”

“Awesome talk @ NJ Spark”

“Great insight.  Thanks Greg!”

“Great presentation today.  You were absolutely on mark for the crowd @fundingpost”

“Just attended a great talk by Greg Slamowitz  at fundingpost  NYC”

“Greg Slamowitz from Ambrose giving a great talk about opening up people’s potential”

“Went to your seminar last night with @ast004. We have been talking core values all morning.”

“Ambrose story by CEO Greg Slamowitz has special meaning for me as customer.”

“Great presentation and ideas by Greg Slamowitz. Thanks for sharing your  thoughts and strategies! #dcweek”

“@missionFifty listening to Greg Slamowitz’s insights for leading a growing company. Yet another great event. Thanks…”

“Greg knocked it out of the park.  Thanks!”

“Greg did an excellent job communicating why core values and the culture that is built around these values are essential ingredients for success in any company.  He related his own experience building culture at Ambrose and shared a great reading list that covers this topic.  Very well done.”

“Excellent overview for a start-up or any company.  Framework given to create and sustain your company culture.  Refreshing to see Greg’s passion and how Ambrose is a living example of a successful culture.  Great job Greg!”

“Flipping the management pyramid, Greg Slamowitz, Co-CEO of Ambrose Employer Group, gave a commanding presentation showing small business owners how to create a workforce that is engaged, aligned, empowered and on fire!”





Rutgers Business School

Speaking at Rev Startup Works in Ithaca NY

Speaking at Rev Startup Works in Ithaca NY

Speaking in New York City

Speaking in Stamford CT

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